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 dac® Mission Statement

To provide the finest livestock nutritional products at the most economical price we possibly can in order to enhance the performance of our customer’s livestock.

Currently, the Direct Action Company, (a.k.a. dac® Vitamins and Minerals) offers approximately 40 products. By working with biotech firms and research specialists, we are able to offer products that are geared to meet the unique needs of the animal and its owner.

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dac® Rescue Aid



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Other Available Products

dac® Citronella Spray



Citronella SPRAY

Now Available in  32 oz. spray, 1 gallon spray refill, & 2.5 gallon Fly Spray system concentrate   




  dac® Bright+ Accent Shampoo and dac® Medicated Shampoo



dac® 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner

Contains Pro-Vitamins to nourishe the coat, mane, and tail leaving them, managable and soft.
pH balanced for sensitive skin.

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dac® Educational Library



Tidbits from Dr. Tania

Dr Tania Cubitt
Performance Horse Nutrition

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Why dac Works...

For great information and lessons on Performance horse Nutition visit our Educational Library for a number of topics relating to feeding and nutition.

Here are just a couple of the informational Webinars:

Feeding when Hay is in Short Supply or Poor Quality: What Supplements Can Help?
September Educational Webinar 2019

Beat the Heat: Electrolytes
July Educational Webinar 2019


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